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Centium@HoanMy -Our Customer – Dung’s Birthday

Customer’s birthday’s celebration, Hoan My Hospital, Vietnam.













Japan Earthquake/Tsunami victims and how EMR could have helped save their lives!

Was watching the news on CNN about Japan’s earthquake, when they announced something very similiar to what I heard during th 2004 tsunami incident which affected Indonesia, Acheh, India and Sri Lanka. People die due to lost medical records.

Something unique about Japan’s population is that their elderly (above 65 years of age) make up about 23% total population. When they are the ones which are mostly affected due to this recent tsunami, as the tsunami swept through mostly villages, which of course was occupied by elderly people (the young ones are in the cities – obviously). And being elderly, there are a lot of medical assistance needed to maintain their quality of life and health in general.
But when the ocean of tsunami swept through the villages, destroying facilities, including hospitals, gone were the medical notes, lab results, drug prescription history and many other important information to these elderly people’s health. Hence they are dieing now, due to lack of reports…
Reported on CNN News, on 1am, GMT +8.

This is exactly the same thing which happened during the 2004 tsunami…