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Centium Software’s Core Values ~ 1

Dear All,

Firstly, let me start by saying that this posting was long over due, it was supposed to be written and sent out in Jan 2013 (cause in Feb, the plan was to write on a different topic). Anyway, as you would probably guess by now, the game plan is to few of these postings done every month to all at Centium Software, and I am sure that by now, you are just itching to know what on earth am I talking about. Well, here goes;


Core Values

I am here to talk about values. Yes, values, but not the kind of values related to monetary or “ang pow”. The values which we are talking about here are our company values. I do occasionally ask this question, “What are Centium Software’s core values?” Not many were able to answer me before, and I am sure that things has not change much. But its ok, because even I do refer to the actual statements on our website, just to be sure that I get the exact words and spelling correct. (did you know that our company values are on our website? If no, then now is a good time to check it out at ). There are many reasons why a company has to have core values, and there are many good articles out there on this, so I am not going to rewrite it, am just gonna quote them, one article is here:

What are our values:

Am sure that by now everyone would have clicked on the above link and read our core values (hopefully). There are 4 main core values:

  • Excellent Customer Service

It goes without saying what the above means, but I will say it anyway. While I can spend 2 hours explaining what this means, I will keep it simple for now. This basically means that we will go an extra mile ( )  for our customers.  And it impacts the way we do business, and the way we interact with our customers.

From a general company perspective, the examples are;

  • If we are normally only supposed to deliver a technical solution, often we will also help the clients to make it fit into their business (most clients thinks that this is apart of the scope of the work)
  • There are times, where clients are unable to pay us on time, but still we continue to serve them, for many reasons, mainly to lend an helping hand while they are in troubling times.
  • As for the implementation team like you guys, what this means is that, you are ought to try to do the best you can for our customers, in situations where, you have done your job, but the customers asks for a bit more of your time to train them again
  • Customers who blames the system, but in fact its their own mistakes which causes the system to have errors – don’t yell back at them, rather try to show them how and why it happened (this can be difficult specially when the customer does not want to listen)
  • Customers who call you late at night, you have an option of asking them to call you the next business day OR you can lend an helping hand, but of course if the customer is calling you every night, then this is not acceptable and probably the system has a major issue in which we need to place someone there (or the customer simply feels lonely and just wants to talk to you! Hahaha). Anyway, hope you get the point for now.

Now there are 3 other core values which I hope to cover in a separate posting, as this posting is already long enough.

  • Pioneering technology
  • Precise Communication
  • Respect for one another


The objective of me writing this posting is to ensure that everyone knows that Centium Software has core values, and that we need try our best to live by it. Should you have any questions why am I writing this, or further need understanding why a company should have core values, feel free to call the company hotline at +60133832122 or simply email me at g @




Centium now supports Asterisks

The most powerful Call Center Suite for Asterisk is here, the Centium Suite.

Complete with Call Monitoring, Live Bar / Pie Charts, Historical Reporting, Wallboards for call summary, Floor plan view, and many more exciting features in a simple and extremely easy to use interface is finally here!

Centium Suite Website

Real Time View & Comprehensive Reports: The reports display accurate information for your call center activity in nice formated tables with friendly graphics. Even more: you have the option to export the reports to pdf and csv (Excel). There are a myriad of metrics available: Service Level Agreement, Abandon Rates, Call Distributions, Agent Activity and a lot more including realtime tab to see up to the second information on your call queues.

Centium Software at 2011 SME Malaysia – June 2011

Centium Software will showcasing all Centium’s products at SME MALAYSIA 2011 at MidValley in June, and specially the new system call eChannel System (eCS) more on this system, please visit . Hope to see u there….

Centium Software’s July 2010 APHM Exhibition at KLCC

Hi, Below are some of the pictures from Centium Software’s Blood Bank Information System Exhibition in July 2010 during the APHM event at KLCC.

Association of Private Hospital Malaysia 2010 Healthcare Exhibition & Conference at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on 13 to 15 july

Association of Private Hospital Malaysia 2010 Healthcare Exhibition & Conference at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on 13 to 15 july

Matrade names Centium Software as its Success Story…

On 27th January 2011, Matrade names Centium Software as one of its Success Story…

This is a good way to begin the year!

Centium Software is now on Facebook!

We have a Centium Software facebook page now!
Check us out!

Android & Us…

What is Google Android ?

Android is Google’s new mobile platform which includes software stack for mobile devices. Google Android platform consist of operating system, middleware and key applications. The beta version of Android SDK provides tools and APIs necessary to begin developing custom applications using JAVA Programming language (J2ME).

How Centium Software helps you ?

Centium Software has been working for Mobile Application Development since last 5 years and has vast experience in application development in different mobile platforms like JAVA, Symbian and XCode. Google Android is that platform, which provides extra flexibility to our developers through its open source development environment and its market being an open application distribution channel ensures further flexibility and assurance to a better and quicker application development.

Iraq – Dr. Jamal (LNGNasa) & G.Saravanan (Centium Software, Malaysia)

On the 19th Jan 2011, we had the opportunity to meet Dr.Jamal to discuss about the healthcare market in Iraq. Picture taken with Dr.jamal is below:

Our Centium Product Published in MATRADE

Our Centium Blood Bank and Centium Call Center System was published in MATRADE (Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation) Magazine Issue 7 2010,

For more detail at

Our history…

Centium Software Sdn. Bhd.

Centium Software

Leader in ERP, Healthcare HISCall Center CRM software solutions

Centium Software’s ( core business is in healthcare and call center solutions development and consulting. Incorporated in 1998. Over the years, Centium Software has grown itself to be a full-fledge software house delivering solutions in Malaysia, Indonesia, India and now in Vietnam. Since inception, Centium Software has been delivering Call Center CRM software under the brand Centium, as described at this product website (

In 2005, Centium Software won a software development and consulting job for a healthcare center in Bangalore, India. Since then, the company has been expanding into the healthcare ERP area, and has delivered many solutions like and For clients in Malaysia, India, Indonesia and latest deal in Vietnam. In 2007 Centium Software joint ventured with an international group of hospital in South East Asia and started development on a product known as Centium HIS (Hospital Information System) This was an instant success and the product is now being used in more than 15 hospitals in South East Asia. And in 2008

With the success of the Centium HIS, the company was awarded another healthcare contract, development of a Blood Bank System for a private Indian hospital in Bangalore. The same product is currently being deployed for a Malaysian government hospital.

Picture 1 and 2 showing Mr.Ravishanker receiving “APEA’s Most Promising Entrepuenur 2008” Award at KLCC, in 2008.

Picture 3 and 4, Mr.G.Saravanan showcasing the latest Centium Software’s CRM to Datuk Dr. Maximus Johnity Ongkili, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation.

In 2008, with all of the above successes, Centium Software’s managing director, Mr.Ravishanker won the “Most Promising Entrepreneur Award 2008” at the prestigious APEA ceremony. And in 2009, Centium Software launched the Centium CRM 2.0 at KLCC during MDec’s Great ICT Sale, where the Centium Software’s CTO, Mr.G.Saravanan was interviewed by Bernama TV for its latest software innovation.

Mr.G.Saravanan interviewed in Bernama TV news for the latest Centium Software’s product innovation in 2009.

Centium HIS is a revolutionary solution with end-to-end features for simplifying hospital management – all at a cost which provides the fastest ROI. Access to the right information and the automation of complex tasks & workflow is the key focus of Centium HIS, enabling freeing the staff to spend more time on caring for patients and extending the reach of services.

Centium HIS is a fully-integrated, information system created and implemented by Centium Software for implementation for small and medium hospitals. A system for a hospital would require being very precise and must result in operational cost reduction, process improvement and efficient management. Centium HIS is developed to be a solution which is very accurate in its approach and suits all environments including large, medium or small hospitals.

Centium HIS is designed to cover a wide range of hospital administration and management processes. It runs on all standard windows hardware platforms and can be easily customized to suit the requirements and reflect the priorities of a hospital management team.

At the Core of Centium HIS is our Electronic Medical Record (EMR), which is possible by a single integrated database. Centium HIS is designed with patient centric architecture.   The EMR integrates all records of the patient, allowing the instantaneous retrieval of electronically generated material from any terminal in the Centium HIS system. Centium HIS front office strengths include its Registration, Patient Queue, Progress Notes, Online Prescription, Online Radiology, Online Laboratory, Admission, Discharge and Transfer).

Centium HIS’s back office is a comprehensive suite of sub modules which comprise of all the applications necessary to administer a hospital. The sub modules include General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Fixed Asset Maintenance modules, to Purchasing and Inventory modules that handle all materials management.

Besides the providing software, Centium Software has a team of people certified and experienced in various healthcare technologies and standards, ranging from HL7, HIPAA, SNOMED CT and various other specialties.

Contact Details

Mr.G.Saravanan (Mobile Phone Number: +60133832122) –

A-5-2, Jalan 2/142A, Megan Phoenix, Off Jalan Cheras, KM 10, 56000 Kuala Lumpur – T: +603-91061199, F: +603-91061177 , E:

Websites: http://centiumsuite.comhttp://centiumsoft.com